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When the snow covers the ground, many of the trails in Park County transform into ideal spots for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.


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Explore Cross Country Ski and Snowshoe Trails near Denver

Ditch your downhills

Just you and a bluebird day, explore the snowy season away from crowds on the best trails in Park County.

While Colorado is known for its world class downhill skiing and snowboarding, there is a lot more to do each winter - if you know where to go! Park County, just an hour southwest of Denver, rescues your weekend away from I-70 traffic and crowds. Whether you’re an advanced hiker or simply looking to add an adventure to your weekend, Park County has the right trail for you. While close to home, these stunning snowshoe and cross country ski trails have a backcountry feel that allow you to soak up the serenity and beauty of winter exploring. After your hike, shed those layers and refuel at one of these local restaurants.

Burning bear trail

Frequently crossing over the Burning Bear Creek, experience scenic views right away on this out and back forested trail. Though you may be able to get through the first mile without snowshoes, as the trail climbs, expect deeper snow and backcountry feel.

Level up: For a strenuous cross country ski adventure, check out nearby Abyss Trail to Abyss Lake.

Activity: Snowshoeing
Distance: 7.5 Miles (Out and Back)
Difficulty: Moderate
Closest City: Grant
Distance from Denver: 1 hour, 20 minutes
Parking: .2 Miles N of Trailhead (if coming from Grant) at Abyss Lake
Additional Notes: Beware of weekday road closures

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Tie Hack Trail

This primitive route showcases spectacular views of South Park valley. Depending on snow levels, you may only need traction devices and boots. Chances of deep snow are highest in February. This trail transitions from wide county roads, to narrow and winding through Aspen forests.

Activity: Snowshoeing & Cross Country Skiing (depending on snow levels)
Distance: 5-6 miles (loop)
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult
Closest City: Fairplay
Distance from Denver: 1 hr 45 minutes
Elevation: 10,050ft
Parking: Park just off the road behind the Tie Hack Trail sign on Park County Road 18.
Additional Notes: The face of the sign is parallel to the road, so you have to look to the right to see it.

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Kenosha Pass Trailhead

Explore this beautiful section of the Colorado Trail that highlights sweeping views of the Mosquito Range. Known for its fall beauty, this hike in winter breaks free from the crowds, and immerses you in a winter wonderland. Even better, this trail is dog friendly, so bring your best friend along!

Activity: Snowshoeing
Distance: 6-7 Miles (Out and Back)
Difficulty: Moderate
Closest City: Jefferson
Distance from Denver: 1 hour 20 minutes
Parking: Colorado Trail Section #6 Trailhead

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